Why is it wrong for a person to say why they are great? When they don’t, at least how I reason, they are more apt to live their lives blind to what makes them unique and aware of what they have to offer to the world. Sure, I agree if they do it might be an indication of narcissism. But I don’t believe it has to be as long as that person vocalizes the awesomeness of others just as much.

I come to this belief because I spent most of my life feeling like I was nothing and no matter how much I tried to do to be something I’d always be nothing. It was only recently, when I made conscience effort to see the good in people and saw the goodness they had but chose to keep hidden, did I consider the idea I had good in me that was hidden. With time I tested the theory and I took chances to be my authentic self. WOW! The results were amazing! People loved it no matter how weird the real me was.

But old habits die hard and I find myself going back to them if I don’t remind myself how great I am and find ways to use my greatness to enrich other people’s lives.

This Blog is being created to help give me a safe place to do just that. So I’m warning all readers of this Blog, it’s going to get random and messy cause the journey to discover awesomeness is not simple or pretty. Or perhaps it is but I’d rather mine not be and I’m not going to apologize.


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